Notification of Shipment Time Extension
Notification of Shipment Time Extension
Dear distinguished customers
Since the beginning of the 3rd season, HYB has been receiving News of business recovery from some of our customers and the HYB team engaged in prompt reaction and delivery for the orders coming from our customers. Unfortunately the impact of COVID-19 created severe disorders with International deliveries from Ports in Pearl River Delta to the extent that some of our orders were produced but not dispatched, because our bookings to shipping schedules have been pending. The Main reason is that Exports from China to Global Terminals have been increasing due to the transfer of productivity from seriously COVID-19 impacted countries such as India, Bangladesh and Malaysia etc. Shortage of collection for empty containers back to Pearl River Delta dramatically affect the frequency of shipments.
Currently we have paused to make agreement with our customers based on intercom CIF to Terminal ports because of the unpredictable increasing freight and decrease of shipping schedules. We have suggestions to our customers as below:
1. Make an early forecast for the order which supposed to be shipped before January of 2021.
2. Consider an extension of 10-12 days for a time wait in cue before shipment schedule being released by the agent.
3. More transshipment or indirect shipment may be used by the agent to carry the container, so the time for goods sail on the Sea will be longer than usual. For Europe, America and Latin America we are facing with an extension of 10-14 days.
4. The freight increased more than 80% averagely compared with the same time of last year. Please consider the gross cost and recalculate your final cost of products.
As for HYB, we have more than 34% of orders increased compared with the same time of last year. This is because of that the customers received bigger demand after the low season impacted by COVID-19. So we are ready anytime for Real-time communication with our customers and support them by different means to improve the lead time. We have to explain this situation as we are bearing a higher pressure from Overseas for some procedures of delivery which are not under our control. HYB Crew and our team of Shipping Clerks have been working on different solutions such as changes of FOB departure port, Railways and other methods. Trust that we will assist our customers to get the best conditions under this particular tough situation.