HYB Outdoor Team Building Activities for the Management Staff
HYB Outdoor Team Building Activities for the Management Staff
HYB just organized their Outdoor Team Building Activities in November for their Management Staff and all the 86 Staff in different departments participated. The company take it importantly and emphasize that the great products are made and sold by the whole team. So the owner treat TEAM WORK and uniting their employees critically. The owner, Mr. Vincent Chen also participated the Military Training acted as one of the members.

Different games and missions were set to be achieved by the staff which were divided into 6 teams. By 5 rounds of competition, the 6 teams will collect the points to define which team to be the winner.

At the end of the Competition, the company also awarded the Loyal Employees who have been working for HYB for over 10 years.

The president of HYB, Mr. Vincent Chen expressed his appreciation to hard works and devotion from the employees. He also explained that the company has been growing since 1998 and everyone in HYB stick to their dedicated products to help the company become outstanding in the Industry. More than 65% of HYB employees are consistent workers and this has strengthened the company’s foundation and enable the company to settle difficulties that happened.

Mr. Vincent insists his confidence to grow the company together with the team members and carry on their path to be a top world class manufacturer and brand for copier imaging supplies.