HYB – A brand recognized by the Customers and the Industry
HYB – A brand recognized by the Customers and the Industry
Today Mr. Vincent Chen, the President HYB (HK HaoYinBao Group Co., Ltd., the mother company of Zhuhai HaoYinBao Printing Consumables Co., Ltd.) received their Diploma and GLOBAL BRAND AWARD from RT Media Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter RT) 

According to RT, “HYB won the GLOBAL BRAND AWARD for registering and establishing its brand, forming more than 700 distributors relationships and growing its reputation as a world’s leading manufacturer of compatible copier consumables and parts in 77 countries, in addition to winning international awards for its Japanese toners.”
The Award Winners were voted by 14 Independent Industrial Professional Judges from Asia, Africa, Europe, America and South America from more than 1000 nominations. 
Recently HYB has been receiving honors and awards from the Industry, media and their customers. Besides the “GLOBAL BRAND AWARD”, the exclusive toner formulations HYB developed with their supplier in Japan has won in the 3rd Stage of International Open Quality Printing Contest ( An International Open Competition Organized and Supported by LABORATORY OF ELECTROGRAPHY, AQCMS, BUSINESS-INFORM) .

The innovation and development of HYB has helped the company and their customers to grow their business with premium quality and customized products. This thanks to the know-how and experience of HYB in development and manufacture of toner. The achievement in development of premium toner was not only reflected from the Awards but also from plenty of positive comments from the customers of HYB. The sales revenue of HYB bulk toner has a significant growths of 25-32% in the recent 3 years. This is one of the aspects that showed how much HYB bulk toner product sector is supporting the remanufacturing and manufacturing of cartridges.                                                                       

In 2020, the HYB cartridges submitted for International OPEN QUALITY PRINTING CONTEST (2nd Stage “Evaluation of CB226X (yield=9000 А4 pages) also brought us the Winner Award by its great printing quality. 
Many customers heard of HYB for their Strong R & D and Quality Control devotion. HYB owns two purpose-designed and built laboratories for the testing of bulk toner, copier imaging supplies and spare parts. The setting of high standards and their continuous improvement has always been the responsibility of the HYB technical department. 

Thanks to the customers and the industry, the efforts HYB spent on consistent improvement of their products and quality standardization are turning to a positive result. More than 700 importers in 77 countries chose HYB as their partner for Copier Imaging Supplies and Spare parts. Nowadays, 38 distributors of HYB are promoting products under HYB trademarks such as HYB TONER ® (High Yield & Beneficial Toner for the Users) , Zeus Toner ® (Legendary products with Supreme performance) and ZIKOM®. We witness the brands of HYB are growing and being known with outstanding and stable quality. We believe this was one of the reasons why HYB was awarded THE LEADER of “FOCUS ON QUALITY” 

The trust from our customers and the Industry keep reminding ourselves of the responsibility to maintain high quality standard. We will let our products speak for themselves and to bring great satisfaction to more and more customers by our continuous investment with "FOCUS ON QUALITY"