How TG-48 and TG-68 Toners stand out of the aftermarket
How TG-48 and TG-68 Toners stand out of the aftermarket
Information Agency “Business-Inform” and the Russian Association AQCMS have published the results of the First Stage of the International Open Quality Printing Contest (2021-01) and congratulate the companies whose products turned out to be the best!
HYB’s both formulas - TG-48 and TG-68 as well as both newly built cartridges - HYB-TK-3190-48, HYB-TK-3190-68 (HYB) were all evaluated and selected to be Nominees (Top 5) from the International Open Quality Printing Contest participated by 36 Russian and 17 International brands. Refer to the Newsletter published by Information Agency “Business-Inform” and the Russian Association AQCMS (
Apart from the regular toner formulas listed in manufacturers’ catalog, HYB has been working with their Japanese partner for the development of exclusive toner formulas to meet the requirement of customers who have not been satisfied from most of the aftermarket products. There are already successful stories of HYB’s exclusive formulas all over the world.

One of them is Mr. Daisuke Ishida from Tomoki Shoji Co., Ltd., who has expressed his satisfaction and positive feedback from his customers in Japan. Tomoki Shoji Co., Ltd. was the first company in Japan to receive exclusive formula for Ricoh Pro copiers. The formula was developed by HYB and its Japanese partner with application in Ricoh Pro C651EX, C751EX, C751, Pro 7100, Pro C7100s, Pro C7100sx, Pro C7100x, Pro C7110, Pro C7110s, Pro C7110sx, Pro C7200e, Pro C7210sx, Pro C7210x, Pro C751EX;
TG-48 and TG-68 (the formulas being evaluated and nominated in the Contest) were designed for several multi-functional printers and TASKalfa copiers of Kyocera Mita (Refer to full product list and application) and these toners been supplied to the market for over 2 years gaining a great success in more than 30 countries. The both formulas are manufactured by HYB’s cooperated Japanese partner with all the raw materials production and process control being done in Japan. The toners have been supporting customers to get their OEM replacement quality no matter they use for remanufacturing or newly-building their products. Since the time of R & D, TG-48 and TG-68 have been tested to inspect their long-term influence to the O.E.M spare parts’ life time. By making long-period observation of the tested printers, none of the life declines have happened to the Drum, Fuser Units or other relevant components.

Before the participation of the International Open Quality Printing Contest, HYB has carried out the testing of TG-48, TG-68, OEM TK-3190 toner and one well-known aftermarket formula from Japan in the 62PPM Kyocera ECOSYS P3060DN machines. The HYB’s professional laboratory and the technicians were responsible for serving their high volume testing for their copier and printer toner along with chemical analysis. Except for the O.E.M toner, 3 aftermarket toner formulas have gone through testing in ECOSYS P3060DN for over 20K pages respectively with a purpose of evaluation on compatibility, reverse-compatibility with the O.E.M. toner, density, observation of print defects, waste toner rate etc.
The result shows the a) TG-68 has stable quality and best performance (the one performs extremely similar when compared with the O.E.M. toner) among the 3 aftermarket toners. During 10K-15K it produced similar print-out with less waste toner than the O.E.M. b) TG-48‘s density is between 1.32-1.34, which is averagely 0.02 less than the O.E.M. toner with consistently lower accumulation of waste toner.  C) The rival’s toner is lighter in density and with a lower transfer rate in print-out compared with TG-48 and TG-68 toner.

SEM images of OEM TK-3190, TG-48&TG-68
The manufacturing partner of HYB implemented strict control on quality and output of their production, to assure their products are manufactured under HYB’s requirement. As the premium formulas targeted to high-end users and dealers, TG-48’s particle size is controlled to be approx. 8.10μm and TG-68 is controlled to be less than 7.80μm (Almost the same as the OEM toner). According to the research done with most of the compatible cartridges, the particle size of the price-oriented toner is between 11.0-12.8μm. The low standard leads to higher productivity, lower price and bigger output but consequently higher risk of quality issues as well. Nowadays, there are already importers in different markets complained about quality issues such as backgrounding, wave in the print-out and fusing issues from the price-oriented toner. In some worse cases, customers reported to replace their DK units much earlier than when they used the O.E.M toner.   
HYB and their Japanese partner developed their toner with a targeted market where customers get products with good value in premium range. The International Open Quality Printing Contest (2021-01) is a good chance for Russian customers, dealers and MPS providers to know that there are great quality formulas that are approved by manufacturer, customers, and professional laboratories to avoid their choice limited in poor quality products.
Please contact HYB Sales Professionals to know further details about their exclusive premium formulas in Kyocera range.
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