HYB opens video channels for Successful Branding Stories Sharing
HYB opens video channels for Successful Branding Stories Sharing
During the celebration of HYB’s Branding month, HYB opened their exclusive video channel on Youtube named “Share your stories with our brands”. The distributors around the world have not only delivered their best wishes but also prepared the videos for each of their successful experience working with HYB’s brands.

Since the company was founded 24 years ago, the company has been actively working on its multi-brand strategy and brand building around the world. Today, the company covers brands like HYB Toner®, Zeus Toner® ,ZIKOM® and CLEANOFFICE® which are available through its network of 40 authorized resellers in 105 countries.
More and more customers endorsed HYB for their quality and consistency, which enabled them to retain long-term business relationship with their dealers. According to the distributors, most of them work with HYB for the reason that HYB has been one of the few who are qualified to provide them OEM replacement quality while most of other suppliers focus on costs. Scan the QR code to know more HYB distributors’ successful stories and contact HYB’s Sales Professionals for details for being a new distributor.

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Business Development Manager: Andres Rubio
Email: andres@haoyinbao.com
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